A Musical That Finally Asks
How The Hell
Does This Guy
Have An Oscar?
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Finally, a musical that dares answer the question: How the hell did Matthew McConaughey win an Oscar? Matthew McConaughey vs the Devil is a re-imagining of Faust, placing America’s favorite rom-com stoner in the title role, and following his ascent into A-List stardom - all for the low, low price of his soul.

Matthew McConaughey has always been content with his life: he has a successful movie career; his loyal agent, Penny; his best friend, Woody; and his beloved bongos. When rival Leonardo mocks him as a “joke”, Matthew decides it’s time to rise up and earn respect the only way he knows how - by winning an Oscar. Enter Mephistopheles, demon extraordinaire and assistant to Satan himself. She has the perfect script: Texas Buyers Club; all Matthew has to do is sign a simple contract. Friendship, love and loyalty are all tested in this hell-raising adventure to win Matthew the Oscar...and save his soul.

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